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PostSubject: Design Specialist Form   Design Specialist Form EmptyWed Jan 16, 2013 1:03 pm

To be a design specialist, you must first have access to some form of image editor, other than MS Paint. Online editors are fine. Photoshop is preferred though. You must be at least average in your image editing skills, and must first pass a test to get the position. \

Here is the form you will use to apply-


age =
Experience= (how long have you been a photo editor or designer, and what previous experience do you have? Use years and months)

Am I mature? = (give in detail if possible)

Am I creative = (give examples, because you will need to have new ideas if you wish to be in this position)

What can i do to make this site better? =

Am I active, and will I be efficient at this job? = (give the number of days approx. you are on the site each week, and can you sustain a minimum of 3 visits per week? Also, will you be able to do your job with maximum efficiency and complete tasks well.)
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Design Specialist Form
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